«Practilonga» La Sourdière on Sunday in Paris

Somewhere between the milonga and the practica, the «practilonga» of La Sourdière is a friendly place to enjoy dancing tango on Sunday afternoons in Paris.

It is a place to practice your dance, test new moves, experiment new combinations.

It is also a place where you can simply dance on the music that is played in tandas and cortinas, like in a traditional milonga.

The music, specially selected for its danceability, is made mainly of classical tango, vals and milonga with few electro and alternative tangos.

The dress code is casual, invitations are informal.

Beginners are welcome and the more experienced dancers will be pleased to help them for their first steps on the dance floor.

La Sourdiere

In a splendid ballroom with 110 m2 hardwood floor and air conditioning (1st floor) from 17:00 to 19:45

Address : 23 rue de la Sourdière - Paris 1er - Métro Pyramide, Tuileries or Opéra,

Entrance fee : 4€ (or 5€ with live music)